uvex sportstyle 803 r CV

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uvex sportstyle 803 race CV V

The ultimate eyewear for racing and competitions. The uvex sportstyle 803 race CV V combines both uvex premium technologies – uvex colorvision® and uvex variomatic® – to offer optimal vision in all weathers.

You set out in bright sunshine, but dark clouds soon gather on the horizon. No problem for the uvex sportstyle 803 race CV V. Its integrated uvex colorvision® contrast-enhancing performance and automatic uvex variomatic® lens tinting means no more worrying about whether you are wearing the right glasses or carrying the right exchangeable lenses. The uvex sportstyle 803 race CV V has a high drawn up lens contour and frameless design to ensure an unrestricted field of vision from start to finish. With flexible earpieces and nose pads for a perfect fit.



[variomatic®] Automatic lens tinting. Learn More ->

[Break Resistant] Maximum protection for the eyes at all times Learn More ->
[UV Protection] 100 % UVA, UVB, UVC protection Learn More ->

[supravision®] Anti-fog layer. Learn More ->

[Easy to Clean] Low maintenance material. Antistatic effect. Learn More ->