The Best Goggles for Powder Days feature uvex Supravision

The Best Goggles for Powder Days feature uvex Supravision

Let’s face it: Stormy days on the mountain can be stressful. It’s cold, visibility is poor, and there is a lot of moisture.

While we all love the moisture that comes from the sky, a lot of it comes from you. That's because riding powder takes a lot of effort. You got to hustle to the lift, hike hard to the rope drop, and keep moving fast to beat the crowds all day long. Plus, if you fall at any point, it’s a full body workout to get out of the snow and get moving again.

In other words, if it’s a powder day, you’re probably going to sweat.

That sweat, combined with the snow and humidity naturally in the air, means that other brands' goggles are probably going to fog. If it’s cold, then that fog is going to freeze to the lenses, and then your exciting powder day isn’t so fun.

And if you fall and get snow in your goggles when they are already foggy, it’s pretty much game over. 

But if you use uvex goggles, you’re 400-percent more likely to have a better day than standard goggles. That’s because uvex’s Supravision technology is 400-percent more effective at eliminating fog than other brands’ anti-fog tech.

 goggles in steamy case

If there is no fog on your goggles, then there is no chance of it freezing on the lens, and there is no chance that your goggles will ruin your powder day.

In addition to Supravision, uvex incorporates other unique technologies to fight goggle moisture build up on the mountains. The uvex athletic CV goggle only uses a single-layer lens to both reduce vision distortion and make it impossible for moisture to build up inside the lens.

The epic and evidnt Attract models come with two lenses that swap out with magnets, meaning is extra easy to swap lenses for any reason. But, based on recent tests by a very sweaty tester on some recent powder days, they probably aren’t going to fog in the first place.

While uvex goggles can't help you with powder liftlines and getting to the rope drop on time, they can help keep your vision clear all day long.

Our Picks for the Best Goggles for Powder Days

uvex Epic Attract CV

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Supravision takes care of anti-fog, but if you get snow on your goggles, that's on you.

Seamlessly switch between lenses with the magnetic interchangeable design and enjoy a truly unparalleled field of view. Take advantage of uvex contrastview technology for greater contrast and depth perception, and the Supravision anti-fog technology to keep your vision clear.

Learn more about the uvex Epic Attract CV goggle.

uvex Athletic CV

The integrated color and contrast filter in uvex colorvision technology noticeably improves visual comfort on every run. The mirrored cylindrical single lens provides the necessary coolness factor along with additional eye protection. Thanks to a 15% extension in the field of view, skiers can almost forget that they are wearing goggles. 

Check out the different styles of the uvex athletic CV

uvex Downhill 2100 CV Planet

The extra-large field of view of the uvex Downhill 2100 Planet promises an enhanced sports experience thanks to the moisture protection of the uvex Supravision anti-fog coating. The result is a permanently clear vision that even defies bad weather to increases the safety of all wearers.

See why the uvex Downhill 2100 CV is great for racers and everyone else on powder days

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