Mission and Responsibility

Our Aspiration: "Made in uvex"

The sustainability goals of the uvex group include the following areas of responsibility: ecology, economy, working conditions and human rights, employees and society, and product. We are particularly focused on the expansion and modernization of our production facilities. When our customers choose uvex, we want to be sure that our products meet our high quality standards. We ensure this with the principle "Made in uvex." From the product idea and development to production and sales, the entire production chain is in our hands. Our products are supported by our own production facilities, including facilities in Germany and greater Europe.

Now and in the future: uvex for CO₂ neutral growth

We have set ambitious goals - particularly in the area of CO₂ reductions - and we are aiming for CO₂-neutral growth in the near future. In the past three years, the uvex group has already demonstrated that this goal is not simply just a dream. Thanks to our sustainability efforts, the company's CO₂ emissions were significantly reduced and, in some plants, up to 63% CO₂ has been saved since 2016. We want to set an example in the industry and for our future of protecting people.

"We have been producing and selling high-quality products for the protection of people in sport, leisure and work for over 90 years. And if you want to protect people, you have to take responsibility. It is precisely from this mission that our obligation derives to act in a sustainable, social and socially responsible manner." - Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex group.  

Sustainability in uvex Products: The Ocean Series

a woman and man sit on a dock with a paddle boat in the background

In addition to carbon neutral production, uvex already makes products in sustainable ways. The Ocean series of sunglasses are made entirely from waste removed from the oceans. These sunglasses are a humble contribution to collecting and recycling discarded fishing nets from the ocean.

Check out the Ocean Series