uvex colorvision®


ultimate contrast with uvex colorvision®

Riding roots or skiing in the white winter world. Dark forest paths or challenging slopes on big snow days. The uvex colorvision® technology for sports eyewear and ski goggles is the perfect choice for recreational and performance athletes. Ultimate contrast enhancement. Maximum color perception. In any weather. Wherever you go.

 daily - daily activities. A brown filter brightens colors, even under changing light conditions.


The contrast with the blue sky is increased by up to 48%.


 urban - urban transport. The gray filter increases reddish contrast, which helps to detect light signals more quickly, e.g. traffic signals or stop lamps.

Traffic signs are accentuated by asphalt environment by up to 23%.

 outdoor - mountain biking. Brown-green contrast improves detailed and deep field perception; contrast between walkway and greenery.


Contrast between pavement and greenery is enhanced by up to 45%.