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Best Sunglasses for Riding Bikes

Whether you're into mountain biking, cycling on the road, gravel riding, or a little bit of everything, uvex makes the best sunglasses for all types of bike riding. Every model listed here features 100% UV protection, adjustable nose pieces and arms, and high quality performance that never lets you down. But uvex's best-in-class technologies put these sunglasses at a level above the rest.

Best Sunglasses for Mountain Biking: uvex sportstyle 231 2.0 V

Man with helmet and sunglasses standing outside

The uvex sportstyle 231 2.0 V looks like it's going fast even when you're enjoying beers at the car after a long ride. Beyond the aerodynamic shape, these sunglasses feature a variomatic lens that automatically adjusts to the light conditions. Whether you're getting a pre-dawn ride in to enjoy sunrise from the top of the mountain or pedaling out into some variable weather, these lenses are always ready to go.

Best Sunglasses for Road Biking: uvex sportstyle 235

uvex sportstyle 235 sunglasses

 When you're sneaking in a short ride at lunch or going for 100 clicks, be sure to grab a pair of the uvex sportstyle 235 and get out there. The wrap-around frames provide an extended field of vision, and the progressive oversized shield lens keeps your eyes covered from all angles. Best of all, the sportstyle 235 sunglasses feature uvex's supravision anti-fog lens treatment to make sure your vision stays clear when the ride starts to heat up. 

Best Sunglasses for Gravel Riding: uvex mtn perform

The uvex mtn perform sunglasses offer some the largest lenses in the entire collection, providing gravel riders with an unmatched field of vision on country roads, flowy singletrack, and everywhere else they want to ride. Plus, these big shields feature contrast-enhancing colorvision technology, which improves definition in your surroundings in all conditions. In addition to supravision anti-fog treatment, the mtn perform sunglasses also feature vents between the frame and lens to further reduce moisture build-up inside the lenses. Plus, with easy-to-shape arms and an adaptable nose piece make these an ideal pick for any face.

Best Sunglasses for All Types of Riding (and Triathlon): uvex sportstyle 236 set

woman riding a bike with helmet and sunglasses on

If you have a full stable of bikes with a variety of tire widths, look no further than the uvex sportstyle 236 set for all of your riding needs. Considered by many to be the best all-around active sunglasses made by uvex, the sportstyle 236 set features vented lenses with supravision anti-fog technology, plus an additional clear lens for riding in low-light conditions. Extendable arms and an available smaller version mean that there is a pair of sportstyle 236 sunglasses for everyone. 

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