Best Sunglasses for Variable Weather

Best Sunglasses for Variable Weather

Wouldn't it be awesome if it was sunny and clear every day? We know that’s never the case, especially this time of year. Luckily, uvex makes the best sunglasses for days with a mix of sun, rain, clouds, snow, and more.

If you’re headed out and the clouds are rolling in, grab a pair of these great sunglasses and rest assured that they will hold up to every type of weather.

Why uvex makes the Best Sunglasses for Rainy Weather

In addition to 100% protection from harmful UV rays, uvex sunglasses also feature easy-to-clean technology. Every lens has a special antistatic coating that prevents dust and dirt from settling into the lens. In addition to liquid, the dust in raindrops comes off easily when using a cleaning cloth. Just remember to dab the cloth rather than wipe to prevent pushing the dirt particles into the lens and potentially creating micro scratches.

Best For Big Adventures with a Chance of Rain: uvex mtn perform V 

man rides a gravel bike wearing uvex sunglasses with a cloudy sky

The full coverage of the uvex mtn perform sunglasses is perfect for long days outside in the sun. But it’s also fantastic for blocking wind and rain from your eyes.

The Variomatic lens changes tint quickly when the sun is obscured by clouds, providing maximum vision in all types of light. The mtn perform V sunglasses perform so well in all conditions, you might forget to take them off until you go to bed.

Get them on your face: uvex mtn perform V

Best Sunglasses for Long Bike Rides in All Weather Conditions: uvex sportstyle 231 2.0 V

Like the uvex mtn perform V, the sportstyle 231 2.0 V also features very full coverage over the eyes and Variomatic technology that automatically adjusts to changing light conditions.

The sharp angles of the frame combined with ergonomic arms and an adjustable nose piece mean they look fast, even while standing still.

Buy Now: uvex sportstyle 231 2.0 V

Best Sunglasses for Days that Start and End in the Dark: uvex sportstyle 236 Set

Alpine starts and late-night finishes are no match for the uvex sportstyle 236 Set, even when there is precipitation falling from the sky. The included clear lens means you can have eye protection from wind and weather when the sun is hours away from the horizon.

When dawn hits, it takes only a few moments to put on the darker lens and keep pushing further into the day. Vented lenses and supravision anti-fog tech means the sportstyle 236 Set will stay fog free, whether the moisture is from sweat or the dew point.

Check them out: uvex sportstyle 236 Set

Smaller face? You'll want the uvex sportstyle 236 S Set

Best Sunglasses for Partly Cloudy Days: uvex Ocean P

man wearing uvex sunglasses and helmet takes a bike off a roof rack with a cloudy sky

If you are going out for the day but the weather might not hold, the uvex Ocean P sunglasses are ideal. Featuring uvex’s polavision polarization technology, these sunglasses reduce glare and protect from harmful UV rays even when the sun is behind clouds. If the rain does come down, the full coverage and easy-to-clean coating repel water and keep your vision clear, even if conditions are not.

Check them out: uvex Ocean P sunglasses

Best for smaller faces: Try the uvex Ocean 2 P sunglasses

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