What is Variomatic Technology?

What is Variomatic Technology?

Variomatic technology is uvex's photochromic lens technology. The Variomatic sunglasses and ski goggles have lenses that automatically adjust to light conditions. They are darker when the sun is brighter, and more translucent when it's cloudy, in the shade, or at dawn and dusk.

uvex's Variomatic lenses ensures optimal visibility and eye protection across a wide range of light intensities, allowing wearers to concentrate on their activities without worrying about their eyewear. Also, by adapting to light conditions, the lenses reduce glare and eliminate eye strain, providing a more comfortable visual experience.

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Why Variomatic is the Best Photochromic Technology

man wearing uvex sportstyle 231 2.0 variomatic sunglasses and a bike helmet

When the trail is lined by trees, the uvex Sportstyle 231 2.0 V is the way to go.

While there are plenty of photochromic options available for sunglasses and ski goggles, nothing compares to the speed and accuracy of uvex Variomatic technology. The tint adjustment happens more quickly than other brands, and doesn't get "stuck" in dark mode like some other brands. 

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Best of all, uvex Variomatic lenses combine advanced technology with a stylish frame designs, ensuring you don't have to compromise on performance or aesthetic. The lenses are available in various designs to suit every type of face and activity. Lightweight construction and customizable fitting features make every option a convenient choice for anyone seeking high-quality sunglasses and ski goggles built for every light condition.

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