Sunglass Technology

  • variomatic® eyewear

    Automatic, stepless shading

    Sun, wind, or rain. Leafy canopy or cloudless sky. The photochromic lenses react fast to changing light conditions and transition smoothly from clear to dark in just 25 seconds – taking a spare pair of sunglasses is history. From the first light of day to the twilight hours. The uvex variomatic ® lenses deliver perfect protection and enhanced visual performance in any weather. uvex variomatic ® eyewear is ideal for running, cycling, or horseback riding.

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  • UV protection

    UV-absorbing filters built directly into the raw material protect the retina 100% from damaging UV rays.

    All lenses give 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection. It is also the basis of our company name:

    uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded

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  • supravision®

    Anti-fog coating for optimal vision in any weather.

    Foggy eyewear is now a thing of the past: the unique uvex supravision® anti-fog coating ensures best fog-free vision. Under test conditions, 200% anti-fog protection is achieved – twice as long as standards demand. The uvex supravision® coating is applied to the inside of the glasses and prevent fogging even during major temperature changes. The optical quality of the lens is not affected. For more security and clear vision.

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  • litemirror

    Mirrored lenses look trendy – while working hard. They offer extra protection from infrared rays. Reflecting them and keeping them away from the eyes.

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  • interchangeable lens construction

    Perfect eyewear with the perfect lens, always.

    uvex interchangeable lens technology guarantees ease of use and optimal vision in every weather.

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  • uvex colorvision®

    Riding roots or skiing in the white winter world. Dark forest paths or challenging slopes on big snow days. The uvex colorvision® technology for sports eyewear and ski goggles is the perfect choice for recreational and performance athletes. Ultimate contrast enhancement. Maximum color perception. In any weather. Wherever you go.

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