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uvex scribble LG

uvex scribble LG

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Calling all downhill demons: the uvex scribble LG are ski goggles for high-speed junior racing on the piste. The contrast-enhancing lasergold tinting of the cylindrical double lens ensures optimum visibility, just like the top athletes on the Alpine World Cup. The unique uvex supravision® technology effectively prevents the lens from fogging up.


There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong goggles. By providing a clear view at all times, the uvex scribble LG goggles bring added momentum to the piste for junior skiers. The large field of view with contrast-enhancing lasergold tinting and the cylindrical double lenses provide downhill demons with an outstanding perception of their surroundings, even in poor weather. In addition, the unique uvex supravision® technology effectively prevents fogging of the lens. A soft foam pad ensures greater comfort for the wearer and keeps the goggles firmly in place on the nose. Thanks to their reduced frame design, the uvex scribble LG goggles fit perfectly into a variety of helmet models. And they are also suitable for wearing over prescription glasses.

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