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uvex ultra MIPS

uvex ultra MIPS

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Whether in the park, piste, or powder, the uvex ultra MIPS is a super-lightweight all-mountain hybrid helmet that impresses with its athletic, sleek design and active ventilation. The integrated MIPS technology guarantees outstanding safety.


Skiers looking to test their limits with both style and safety for their head need look no further than the uvex ultra MIPS ski helmet. This modern hybrid helmet combines modern first-class design with unique comfort and an outstanding level of safety thanks to shock-absorbing MIPS technology. Tough and lightweight, the uvex ultra MIPS is also super-stylish thanks to its matte finish. To ensure its wearer of a cool head at all times, an active ventilation system guides the airflow from the individually adjustable air vents in the outer shell through deeper air channels in the inner shell.

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  • MIPS

    Modern (non-MIPS) helmets are wonderful pieces of technology in terms of their impact resistance. They are designed – and tested – to help prevent skull fractures and other major blunt-force trauma. They are not, however, designed to mitigate the forces that can cause a concussion.

    A Swedish company called Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) patented the slip plane concept (what it calls a low-friction layer), using two layers in the helmet (the MIPS “liner”) to help mitigate the rotational force of an impact, which can result in a concussion or other brain injury. Here’s how the company itself describes the technology:

    “In a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer. When a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System is subjected to an angled impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head.”

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  • uvex IAS | uvex IAS 3D

    uvex helmets with uvex IAS system can be adjusted in width. After all, everyone has their own head shape.

    Heads don’t only differ in circumference; they also differ in height.

    The uvex IAS 3D system offers the extra feature of precise adjustment to individual head height.

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  • vent system

    uvex places the highest value on optimal ventilation: cleverly designed ventilation channels draw in fresh air and expel warm air.

    Uncomfortable heat build-up is thus avoided.

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