Best Sunglasses for Trail Running

Best Sunglasses for Trail Running

When it comes to trail running, finding the best pair of sunglasses is crucial. Keeping your eyes protected from harmful UV rays and remaining fog free is just the baseline. So, while most of uvex’s high performance sunglasses are great for every type of running, there are a few models that are especially great in certain trail situations.

Best Sunglasses for Trail Running in Variable Light: uvex mtn perform V 

man running in uvex mtn perform V sunglasses with the sun setting behind
Going the distance in the uvex mtn perform V.

If your trail running calls for partially cloudy conditions, shadowy forest trails, and (hopefully) sunny summits, then the uvex mtn perform V is what you need on your face. The extra-large Variomatic shield lens automatically adjusts to changing light conditions, keeping your vision clear even when the light isn’t. Add in Supravision anti-fog and vented lenses, and it’s clearly the best choice for trail running.

Best Sunglasses for City to Trail Runs: uvex lgl 39 

Girl getting ready to run in uvex lgl 39 sunglassess
Getting ready to go in the uvex lgl 39 sunglasses. Photo credit: Kam Mitchell

Does your trail run start from the house, loop into the woods, and feature an "aid station" stop at a brewery? Look no further than the affordable uvex lgl 39 sunglasses. These stylish shades are made to look good everywhere they go, and they block 100-percent of harmful UV light along the way. With plenty of fun color options, these sunglasses are a must have for every runner.

Best Sunglasses for High Alpine Runs: uvex Sportstyle 235  

girl sitting on rock wearing uvex sportstyle 235 sunglasses
Getting high quickly is great for views, but sometimes you have to wait for your friends to catch up. Photo credit: Kam Mitchell

When you’re headed above treeline, having full eye coverage is crucial. The uvex Sportstyle 235 features a high quality shield lens for maximum coverage and keeps your eyes completely protected from harmful UV rays. Combined with uvex’s Supravision anti-fog technology, the Sportstyle 235 is ready to get high with you on your next big run.

Best Sunglasses for Ultra Runs - uvex Sportstyle 236 Set

girl running on a trail wearing a blue running vest
Abby Bennett takes on a long run in the uvex Sportstyle 236 Set. Photo credit: Kam Mitchell

Starting before the sunrise and finishing well after sunset? The uvex Sportstyle 236 Set is made for the long run. The included clear lens is perfect for keeping your eyes protected from wind and dust while running in the dark, and a super easy-to-swap system means you can put on darker lenses without having to slow down. Both lenses feature uvex's signature Supravision anti-fog coating and vents to keep things clear, and adjustable nose pads and arms means the Sportstyle 236 Set provides a customizable fit for any head size.

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