uvex sunglass names, explained.

uvex sunglass names, explained.

uvex is a German brand, and German companies love using acronyms. You probably know a few companies who make letters their whole personality, like BMW, DHL, and VW. If you have ever been behind a German car, you also know that the names can seem like code (Audi R8, Mercedes E-Class, BMW iX).

For uvex, many of the sunglass models have similar name structures as German car models. So here's a breakdown of what all the letters and words mean in uvex product names. This post will help you understand the uvex sports US website better as you select the best high-performance sunglasses for your next adventure.

Uvex Sunglass Models

woman smiling wearing uvex sportstyle 325 sunglasses with a van door in the background
Abby Bennett in the uvex Sportstyle 235. Photo credit: Kam Mitchell

uvex sunglasses are available in the US in three different categories: lgl, sportstyle, and mtn. The number that follows indicates a model within the category.

  • lgl – Laser Gold Light, or uvex’s standard lens technology. These sunglasses feature lenses that block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light. The frames are optimized for style. They work great on the road and trails in all conditions as well.
  • Sportstyle – This name is exactly what it sounds like: Sunglasses designed for sports, but with style. In addition to the uvex standard of blocking 100% of harmful UV rays, the sportstyle models are likely to feature additional letters to indicate technology features, which are discussed below.
  • mtn – The mtn sunglasses are designed for maximum coverage in alpine environments, where the sun is usually the harshest on eyes. Like the sportstyle models, these premium sunglasses also feature a variety of lens technologies as well.

Uvex lens technology indicators

man and woman sit on a dock wearing uvex lgl ocean P sunglasses
Relaxing on the water in the uvex lgl ocean P sunglasses. Photo courtesy of uvex sports GMBH.

Some uvex sunglasses feature letters after the model number to indicate a particular lens technology. This is what each letter means.

  • V – Variomatic
    • Variomatic is how uvex does photochromic lenses. These models automatically adjust to the light conditions, providing optimal vision no matter the weather.
    • Check it out: mtn perform V
  • S – Set
    • These models include an additional lens that is easy to swap when the light conditions demand.
    • Our pick: Sportstyle 236 S
  • CV – Colorvision
    • In a situation where your vision could use a boost? Check out colorvision, a contrast-enhancing technology.
    • Try it: mtn classic CV
  • P – Polavision
    • Do you need a polarized lens for high glare situations? Then you need polavision. This technology reduces eye strain and glare, making it easier to see better on the water and beyond.
    • Great choice: lgl Ocean P

Check out more uvex technologies

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